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What Methods Can Be Used At Home To Treat Genital Warts

The Human Papilloma Virus causes a sexually transmitted infection called genital warts. Genital contact that is close is the main way to spread the virus and they emerge as growths or bumps on the skin around the anus and the genitals. Full immunity against the illness is not guaranteed by the use of vaccines. Depending on the strain of the virus and the person, the symptoms of the illness that involve the growth of warts in and on the genital areas differ.

Genital warts is not the only illness that causes the bumps on the skin around the genital areas and so before making a conclusion one should get tested and receive diagnosis. Prevention of the spread of the virus has been contained by the use of condoms which have proven effective but it is partial because there is some area that isn’t covered by the condom.

The virus on reaching the body takes time like almost a year to show the symptoms but again it depends with the patient’s immunity. The warts are applied cream and chemicals as one of the two ways to treat the warts. Destruction of the warts by heating or freezing and removing them is the second way of dealing with warts but this one depends on the location of the wart.
Tests should be done on women regularly because genital warts have dire effects like causing cervical cancer. Activities like giving birth and urination are complicated by the presence of warts and they even cause the disease to pass from mother to child at birth. Application of the various home remedy methods ensure that there is no further spread of the disease.

The affected area of the genitals should be applied the aloe Vera juice generously to dissolve the wart naturally as the first method. The treatment of warts can be done using onions too as the second commodity. Warts on the affected areas should have some salt applied on them before being bandaged and left to rest for a while. The anti-microbial agent here is the onion and the antiseptic is the salt and the continued application is the best way to obtain the best results.

Thirdly, the duct tape is used. The duct tape should be used to wrap the warts and left on a number of days. This ensures that they die from the lack of supplies from the cells. During this time necessary dietary changes should be made like eating more of crunchy vegetables and cutting out immune stressors. The Human Papilloma Virus suffers a blow if the home remedies are followed.

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