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The Best Kissing Guide

In our day to day living, we show love in the following ways; giving service, kissing, using polite and kind words, volunteering, giving gifts and showing appreciation. In this article, we shall look at kissing. Kissing is the act of touching one’s lips using your own lips. Touching an object using the lips is also known as kissing. Respect, devotion, friendship, romance, well wishes, greetings and peace can also be showed by using a kiss. French kiss, vampire kiss, earlobe kiss and hand on the kiss ate the common romantic kisses. Before kissing, you should do the right preparation. In order to have a good kiss, you should follow the following steps.

First, drop some kissing hints and give some signs. Instead of using word of mouth to request for a kiss, please use hints and signals. The most effective hint is to focus your eyes on your partner’s lips. You can also comment on the attractiveness of your partner’s lips. Drinking plenty of water and using balms will enable you to achieve attractive lips. Mints and chewing gums will enable you to have a fresh breath. In order to avoid spitting on your partner, please chew the gum in an appropriate manner.

The second step in kissing is to break the barrier. By breaking the barrier, you will be able to test the waters. A small kiss on the cheek or on the hand will enable you to determine if a kiss on the mouth will be appropriate. If you partner reacts positively to the kiss, you should go ahead for the mouth kiss. In case your partner gives a negative reaction, you should not go farther.

Giving compliments is also an important step in kissing. Compliments will ensure that you set the right mood. Giving sincere compliments will force your partner to take the lead and initiate the kiss. The compliments should be given in a romantic way. Compliments will be ineffective if you use a high volume and a wrong tone. Some of the best compliments are; “You look beautiful,” “Your eyes and lips drive me crazy” and “I like your smile.”

If the above steps have yielded nothing, you should request for a kiss. Using word of mouth to ask for a kiss should be the last option. You should use words such as; “I just want a kiss” and “I am sorry for being straightforward, but I love your kiss.”

The final step is to do the kissing. Positive signs and signals mean that you can now kiss your partner. In order to offer a good experience, ensure you have used appropriate king methods. By moving closer, leaning in, kissing appropriately and react calmly afterward, you will emerge a good kisser.

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